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Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation Inc.'s Purpose:
Never Forget Where You Came From
Duh Mayuh has worked very hard to establish himself from the bottom to the top, back to the bottom and now back on top again, which is where he plans to stay. When Duh Mayuh attended FAMU and told peers where he was from, the only thing that people knew about were the Space Shuttle, Ron Jon Surf Shop and a city on the interstate sign near Orlando, but he made sure that people knew he were from Cocoa, Brevard, County Florida by his spirit, personality and sincere gratitude towards people. It was five things that the City of Cocoa, Brevard County and Florida A&M University helped Duh Mayuh to never forget where he came from:

Don't be ashamed of your roots:
Don't be shamed of where you come from. "It's a different world than where you come from." No culture is better than another. If not having had the coolest parents, the ideal "televison" childhood or the most prestigious education is not a reason to feel discouraged about your life. Yesterday is over and done with, what you do right now, is what counts. Don't let people define who you are because of where you came from. Whatever hand your dealt, do your best to not renig and remember that you have a partner. #Spades 

Share the struggles and triumphs:

Sharing your struggles and how you overcame them defines your character. When you share with others what you weent through, it is empowering to them because people can relate to everyday struggles to see the fruits of your labor..

Be thankful to the ones who help you:

Your attitude determines your altitude. Give credit where credit is due. Show love to the people that helped you get to where your are. Don't be selfish, it is about being grateful and showing that you don't take people or things they do for you for granted. Do what your heart tells you to do. An attitude of gratitude is LOVE.

Spread Duh Wealth:

Your wouldn't be where you are if somebody didn't help you get there. Giving to others is rewarding. It's not always about money, it is about being a good semaritan and helping people you know and don't know. You can be the poorest person in the world and have more resources to help others than you think. 

Respect Everything, Everbody and the Environment:

Respect is a human right. Respect people, places and things around you. Respect people regardless if you agree with what they're doing  or what they've said. Being disrespectful to disrespectful people is foolish. At the end of the day, somebody has to be the bigger person and grow up.

Be Accountable:
If you make a mistake, keep it real and acknowledge the fact that you made a mistake. We all are human and come up shirt sometimes. Acknowledging that you aren't always right shows integrity and humility. Being an accountableperson is an extremely essential asset for you to thrive.

Never forgetting where you came from will keep you grounded and in touch with reality. Embrace your life and the one of those who have helped you be where you are now.

The goal of The Foundation is to embed in every person to always aim high, get there—and then aim even higher. To have big dreams, get'r done—and then set bigger dreams. To set no limits on what we can dare to imagine and achieve. Our organization motto is:
"Never forget where you came from. Never forget where you want to go." 

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