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Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Activities

The purpose of Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation is to create business, athletic and social programs to support and encourage youth and young people in becoming educated, productive, and caring members of society. Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation was formed to teach youth the productive mechanisms of education, business, team sports, teamwork, discipline, cooperation, setting goals, strong work ethics, and establishing moral values. We teach these concepts through Local Legends who are living examples of these principles.  Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted was formed for the charitable purposes of building a strong connection with Cocoa’s (Brevard County) vulnerable youth, as well as fostering moral, spiritual, physical and emotional connections. 

Fundraisers and Events

  • Vibin Wit Duh Mayuh Charity Weekend


    - Kickin It Wit Duh Mayuh Celebrity Kickball Game (Cocoa, FL)

        Teams comprised of community and corporate leaders, participated in the day-long tournament.  Celebrity guests played alongside the teams and led the charge in many heated and close competitions!  Kicking It wit Duh Mayuh will also open to the public.  Fans will get their faces painted, play corn hole , in addition to getting photos and autographs from our VIP guests.   


     - "Jukin wit Duh Mayuh"

       The all white after party from the "Kickin It Wit Duh Mayuh Celebrity Kickball Game"; a fundraiser in the Diamond Square Community of Cocoa, FL with music and special guests from the 

  • Duh Mayuh's 7 on 7 High School Football Tournament Series

  • Duh Mayuh's Chocolate City Soul Music Festival

  • Duh Mayuh's Hands of Thanksgiving Jam

  • Duh Mayuh's Christmas Roundup

Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Youth Program


This program allows middle and high school students to mature by empowering them with protective and resiliency factors that encourage respect and responsibility for self, family, community, educational and personal achievement. Our primary function is to serve as a "plug" to youth who are at risk of not reaching their full potential.


Teen Summits

Youth participate in Teen Summits every 1st Saturday of the month discussing issues that they see important.  Youth also participate in community service activities.



Qualified volunteers provide tutoring in the areas of mathematics, language arts, and science to middle school and high school students at Ronald McNair Magnet Middle School. The tutoring component is aimed at increasing the chances of students graduating from high school and entering post-secondary institutions such as FAMU or vocational / technical schools such as Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).

Duh Mayuh's BEAST Mode Athletic Program

This program is designed for dedicated student-athletes providing them individual instruction on the rules and basic objectives of the game of football, basketball, baseball, track, soccer and golf. These programs will educate and influence these student-athletes on physical conditioning, athletic body management, nutrition, vision, mental conditioning, leadership, college prep and life skills.

 - Duh Mayuh's 321 Elite Football Camp/ Duh Mayuh's Executive Suite 7 on 7 football team

 - Duh Mayuh's Bounce to Greatness Basketball Camp

 - Duh Mayuh's Batter Up Baseball Camp

 - Duh Mayuh's Field of Dreams Athlete (Soccer, Track/Field, Football)

 - Duh Mayuh's Par 4 Golf Camp


Duh Mayuh's Business of a BOSS Programs

The purpose of Duh Mayuh's Business of a BOSS Program is to empower students to make sound financial decisions and prepare them for a future of financial success and security. We needed to create a financial literacy program that would focus on college readiness, community service and career exposure. This program allows students to learn how to:


  • Save money and build wealth

  • Negotiate great deals

  • Author contracts

  • Establish budgets 

  • Participate in career training/exposure

  • Take part in educational field trips

  • Learn the dangers of debt

  • Build a successful resume including information that will be assist with college applications

  • Take part in community service projects and team building exercises

  • Be exposed to small and large business owners and entrepreneurs


Duh Mayuh's HBCU Tour

An annual trip to HBCU's including FAMU, Bethune Cookman University, Tuskegee University, Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse and Howard Universitty during spring break and or summer vacation to experience the culture, history and environment of HBCU's. 





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