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Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation, Inc. 
    Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation, Inc., is a Florida 501c(3), non-profit organization located in Cocoa, Fl that focuses on empowereing communities through education, entrepreneurship, economic and environmental empowerment that serves as "The Plug" to further high school seniors and young adults education at a Historically Black College and University ("HBCU", favorably Duh Mayuh's alma mater, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University ("FAMU"),
to provide educational opportunities for youth and young adults  that will instill, inspire, broaden, and develop cultural and social vision outside of the bricks in which they live to ensure that these young people have every chance to develop into the strong and productive leaders of tomorrow.

    Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation strives to positively impact individuals and families by leveling the playing field in Education, Sports, Business and Life. The foundation will provide resources that enrich and strengthen healthy development of strong communities.

    In 2016, Duh Mayuh established the Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation, Inc. The foundation was created to highlight Duh Mayuh's dedication and love, both to his hometown City of Cocoa, FAMU and other HBCU's for nurturing him from his days as a productive and outgoing high school student-athlete, and matriculating that FAMU knowledge which led him to run for Mayor of Cocoa in 2008.

    Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation, Inc. are extremely proud of their annual contributions to various organizations. Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation, Inc. seeks to contribute  scholarships to students from Brevard County, Florida who will and/or are attending a HBCU.

Recognized as a leader in the area of philanthropy, Duh Mayuh's Deeply Rooted Foundation, Inc. will continue to use its platform to impact communities locally, nationally and globally.
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